Huan-Chu Huang
Senior Antenna Technology Expert, , IET Fellow & SMIEEE
Visionox Technology Inc.
Research Interests

Antenna Designs for Wireless Mobile Devices


      Hello, my name is Huan-Chu Huang, the Senior Antenna Technology Expert and Antenna Team Leader from Visionox Technology Inc. (China), a global leading (top 3) organic light emitting diode (OLED) display company. I received a Ph.D. degree in communication engineering and an M.B.A. degree both from National Taiwan University, NTU (globally ranked 68th by QS 2022); I am an IET Fellow and an IEEE Senior Member.


    I have more than 17 years of antenna R&D and team leading experience at several 1st-tier smartphone companies, such as Apple, Nokia, Huawei, HTC, and Vivo; I have designed antennas for more than 20 wireless terminal devices, e.g., the smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and TWS earphones, etc. In addition, I led my team to first successfully design a 5G millimeter-wave smartphone and demonstrate both 5G millimeter-wave and microwave wireless communications at a large exhibition for 5G technologies in China in 2018. Moreover, I am the 1st Chinese antenna expert for mobile devices reported by Qualcomm's English and Chinese official websites; I am the antenna solution proposer for Apple's 1st AirPods and the only one Chinese inventor for Apple's 1st AirPods' antenna patent. Furthermore, in 2023, I also led my team to successfully design and demonstrate the industry-leading dual-band dual-polarized 5G millimeter-wave antennas-on-display (AoD) integrated into an OLED display with a touch function at a top-notch and the largest international conference (named Display Week of Society for Information Display, SID) for the display industry and attracted a lot of media reports. Therefore, in summary, my expertise and main research interests are the antenna designs for wireless mobile devices.


   Up to now, I have held 87 international granted patent families (around 150 granted patents), published 47 IEEE and 2 SID (Society for Information Display) papers, and delivered trainings or talks on antenna technologies and techniques for around 200 times. Besides, I have been invited to do presentations at IEEE conferences for 13 times, chaired sessions at IEEE conferences for 17 times, and co-authored 3 white papers for the wireless communication industry. Last, as far as the Greater Chinese Area is concerned, I am the 1st person to receive 7 credentials from US Project Management Institute (PMI) and also the 1st person to receive the level-5 (i.e., the top level) TRIZ expert credential from MATRIZ (the international TRIZ Association).

Work Experience

More than 17-years practical antenna R&D industry experience in wireless terminals, e.g., smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TWS earphones, etc., with several global leading companies, such as:

(1) Sr. Antenna Technology Expert & Antenna Team Leader | Visionox Technology Inc., China

(2) Principal Antenna Expert & Sr. Antenna Director | Vivo Co., China

(3) Sr. Antenna Design Engineer | Apple Co., China

(4) Terminal Antenna Technology Head & Antenna Line Manager | Huawei Co., China                

(5) Antenna Expert | Nokia Co., China                                                    

(6) Principal Antenna Design Engineer | HTC Co., Taiwan                         


(1) Ph.D. in Communucation Engineering, National Taiwan Univ. (NTU), Taiwan (globally ranked 68th, QS 2022)

(2) M.B.A., National Taiwan Univ. (NTU), Taiwan

(3) M.S. in Electronics Engineering, National Chiao Tung Univ. (NCTU), Taiwan

(4) B.S. in Power Mechnical and Electrical Engineering, National Tsing Hua Univ. (NTHU), Taiwan

Honors & Awards

(I) Honors:

     (1) IET Fellow

     (2) IEEE Senior Member

     (3) The 1st Chinese antenna expert for mobile devices reported by Qualcomm official websites

     (4) The antenna solution proposer for Apple AirPods

     (5) The 1st team (in the industry and academia) to successfully demonstated both the 5G mm-wave and microwave wireless live links of a cell phone

     (6) The 1st Chinese TRIZ level-5 (the top level) expert certified by MATRIZ (International TRIZ Association)

     (7) The 1st Chinese expert in project management to receive 7 credentials (PMP, PgMP, PfMP, etc.) from PMI (Project Management Institute) US

(II) Awards:

    (1) "Best New Display Component Award" from the Display Week of SID (Society for Information Display, the global top symposium and exhibition for the display field) 2023 for the "5G Dual-band Dual-polarized MM-Wave AoD (Antenna-on-Display) Design"

     (2) "Display Device Innovation Silver Award" from DIC (Display Innovation China) 2023 for the "5G Dual-band Dual-polarized MM-Wave AoD (Antenna-on-Display) Design"

     (3) "Session Organizer Award (SOA)" from PIERS 2021

     (4) Annual outstanding paper award 2019 from Dassault CST China

     (5) Annual outstanding paper award 2021 from Dassault CST China

     (6) Annual patent special contibution award from Vivo Mobile Co.

     (7) Annual top 1 lecturer award from Vivo Mobile Co.

     (8) Annual top 1 lecturer award from Visionox Technology Inc.

     (9) Annual paper contribution award from Visionox Technology Inc.

(III) Invited talks at academic conferences:

     (1) IEEE iWAT 2018, Nanjing, China

     (2) IEEE APCAP 2018, Auckland, New Zealand

     (3) IEEE ICC 2019, Shanghai, China

     (4) IEEE AP-S 2019, Atlanta, US

     (5) IEEE APCAP 2019, Incheon, Korea

     (6) IEEE ISAP 2019, Xi’an, China

     (7) PIERS 2019, Xiamen, China

     (8) NCANT 2019, Kuming, China

     (9) IEEE AP-S 2020, Montreal, Canada (on-line)

     (10) IEEE APMC 2020, Hongkong, China (on-line)

     (11) NCANT 2021, Ningbo, China

     (12) IEEE AP-S 2021, Singapore

     (13) IEEE AP-S 2023, Portland, US

     (14) IEEE CSRSWTC 2023, Guilin, China

     (15) IEEE APCAP 2023, Guangzhou, China

     (16) ICDT 2024, Hefei, China

(IV) Charing sessions at academic conferences:

     (1) IEEE EuCAP 2019, Krakow, Poland

     (2) IEEE ICC 2019, Shanghai, China

     (3) IEEE ISAP 2019, Xi’an, China

     (4) PIERS 2019, Xiamen, China

     (5) NCANT 2019, Kunming, China

     (6) IEEE APCAP 2020, Xiamen, China (on-line)

     (7) IEEE 5G World Forum 2020, Bangalore, India (on-line)

     (8) IEEE APMC 2020, Hong Kong, China (on-line)

     (9) IEEE Globecom 2020, Taipei (on-line)

     (10) IEEE ICMMT 2021, Nanjing, China

     (11) IEEE 5G World Forum 2021, Montreal, Canada (on-line)

     (12) NCANT 2021, Ningbo, China (on-line)

     (13) IEEE ISAP 2021, Taipei (on-line)

     (14) IEEE AP-S 2021, Singapore

     (15) PIERS 2021, Hangzhou, China

     (16) IEEE FNWF 2022, Montreal, Canada (on-line)

     (17) IEEE Globecom 2022, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (on-line)

     (18) IEEE APMC 2023, Taipei, Taiwan

(V) Reviewer of SCI Journals:

     (1) IEEE TAP (Transaction on Antennas and Propagation)

     (2) IEEE TVT (Transaction on Vehicular Technology)

     (3) IEEE VTM (Vehicular Technology Magazine)

     (4) IEEE AWPL (Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters)

     (5) IEEE Access

     (6) PIER (Progress in Electromagnetics Research)

     (7) IET MAP (Microwave, Antennas, and Propagation)

     (8) MOTL (Microwave and Optical Technology Letters)

     (9) MMCE (International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering)

     (10) IJCS (International Journal of Communication Systems)

     (11) IJAP (International Journal of Antennas and Propagation

     (12) SSI (Scientia Sinica Informationis)

(VI) Activities in PIERS and PIER:

     (1) Awarded the Session Organizer Prize by PIERS 2021 Hangzhou

     (2) Organizer and paper reiewer for the special session at PIERS 2021 Hangzhou

     (3) Presenter and paper's 1st author of the special session at PIERS 2021 Hangzhou

     (4) Organizer and paper reiewer for the special session at PIERS 2019 Xiamen

     (5) Presenter and paper's 1st author of the special session at PIERS 2019 Xiamen

     (6) Reviewer for PIER