PhotonIcs and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

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SC5: Electromagnetic/Acoustic and Machine Learning Techniques in Oil & Gas Exploration: Modeling, Inversion, and Interpretations 1

Session Organizers

  • Decheng Hong


    Jilin University

  • Jiefu Chen


    University of Houston

Session Information

This session welcomes all papers related to Electromagnetic/Acoustic (EM/ACOU) theories and their applications in oil&gas, mining, and other resource explorations. This session aims at presenting frontier research in the theory, modeling, inversion, interpretation, and especially, machine learning applications for solving the EM/ACOU problems and improving the interpretations of borehole and surface EM/ACOU surveys. All research related to EM/ACOU applications in resources explorations is very welcome: new tool design concept, efficient analytic solutions in complex medium, Hybrid numerical modeling method, Joint inversion method, meta-heuristic and deterministic inversion method, advanced interpretation, numerical modeling, and inversion based on machine learning method, and so on.

Submitted Articles

Note: The following submitted articles are not guaranteed to be scheduled in the final program at this stage. The final presentation type and arranged session will be decided by Technical Program Committee.

Presenting Author

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Teruhiko Hagiwara


9415 Bassoon Drive

  • 09:10Looking for New LWD Tools That Can Look Farther Ahead
    KeynoteTeruhiko Hagiwara(9415 Bassoon Drive)

Carlos Torres-Verdin


The University of Texas at Austin

  • 08:45Present and Future of Borehole Electromagnetic Measurements and Their Interpretation
    KeynoteCarlos Torres-Verdin(The University of Texas at Austin)

Yu Ke Lim


Schlumberger Oilfield (S) Pte Ltd

  • 08:10Solving Bubbly Flow Inverse Problem of an Electromagnetic Measurement Device
    Yu Ke Lim(Schlumberger Oilfield (S) Pte Ltd), Cheng-Gang Xie(Schlumberger Oilfield (S) Pte Ltd.), Xudong Chen(National University of Singapore)

Laurent Mosse


Schlumberger-Doll Research

  • 09:35Dielectric Dispersion Logging: The Why, the How and Open Challenges
    KeynoteLaurent Mosse(Schlumberger-Doll Research)

Zhenguan Wu


Southwest Petroleum University

  • 08:20Investigation of Formation Structure Effects on Electromagnetic LWD Tools Using 2.5D Finite Difference Method
    Zhenguan Wu(Southwest Petroleum University), Jun Zhao(Southwest Petroleum University), Yiren Fan(China University of Petroleum (East China)), Lei Wang(China University of Petroleum (East China)), Qiang Lai(PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Company)

Yizhi Wu


China University of Petroleum (East China)

  • 08:00A Novel Intelligent Inversion Method for DC Laterolog Measurements in Deviated Formation
    Yizhi Wu(China University of Petroleum (East China)), Yiren Fan(China University of Petroleum (East China)), Pan Zhang(China University of Petroleum (East China)), Lianyun Cai(China University of Petroleum (East China))

Jiefu Chen


University of Houston

  • 08:352D Pixel Based Inversion of Ultra-deep Electromagnetic Logging Data for Look-ahead Applications
    Li Yan(University of Houston), Hanming Wang(Chevron Energy Technology Company), Jiefu Chen(University of Houston)