PIERS Online Submission for Full-length Papers

Important Notice

This page is for those, who have already submitted the one page abstract.

The page limit of full-length paper is 10 pages. The overlength page charge will be USD 50 per page.

Please be aware that PIERS Conference publications should not be published verbatim in other journals without more than 50% change of the content of the paper.

1. Key of the abstract

Please type your previous submission key in the above textbox.

2. Corresponding Author's information

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You email address. This information is very important since it will be used to receive the further acknowledgement email.

3. Copyright Transfer Agreement

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4. Upload files

The source WORD or TEX file is required together with a PDF file of your paper. Please upload all the files related to your paper one at a time, but each file must be less than 8 MB and have no space in the file name.

If the paper file is prepared in LaTeX format, you can downloaded the LaTeX sample file for help.