PhotonIcs and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

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5_FocusSession.SC5: Physical Modeling and Applications in GNSS Reflectometry and other SoOp Observables 1

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  • Davide Comite


    Sapienza University of Rome

  • James D. Campbell


    University of Southern California

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The possibility of exploiting navigation signals for remote sensing applications has been the object of extensive scientific research. Over the last few years, the potential of this technique has been mainly investigated for the observation of the ocean, resulting in new space missions, currently in orbit or under study.

The use of signals transmitted by Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), in particular, has attracted significant scientific and industrial interest, especially for land applications.

The possibility of retrieving soil moisture, vegetation biomass, or monitoring the freeze/thaw state and inundations, by means of GNSS reflections, has recently been confirmed through the analysis of ground-based data, airborne measurements, and technology demonstration missions. In this frame, several research groups are involved in studies based on the exploitation of data produced by the NASA CyGNSS mission, which is presently still ongoing.

Even if all these campaigns significantly contributed to consolidating the physics that is behind the interaction between navigation signals and the bio-geophysical parameters of the illuminated surface, a complete understanding of data needs further scientific efforts, especially for satellite observations.

The session is focused on the recent advances made in GNSS-R remote sensing, to give detailed pictures about both the state of the art of modeling activities, of retrieval approaches, and of other applications.

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Mehrez Zribi


Toulouse III University

Emanuele Santi


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Davide Comite


Sapienza University of Rome

James D. Campbell


University of Southern California

Yang Nan


Wuhan University

  • 13:55A Semi-empirical Model on the Standard Deviation of Spaceborne GNSS-R Wind Speed Measurements
    Weiqiang Li(Institute of Space Sciences (ICE, CSIC)), Yang Nan(Wuhan University), Estel Cardellach(Institute of Space Studies (ICE, CSIC)), Antonio Rius(Institute of Space Studies (ICE, CSIC)), ***, Jingnan Liu(Wuhan University)

Laura Dente


University of Rome Tor Vergata

Shuanggen Jin


Henan Polytechnic University

  • 14:10Significant Wave Height Estimation from CYGNSS Delay-doppler Map Average Observations
    Shuanggen Jin(Henan Polytechnic University), ***, Qingyun Yan(Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology), Yan Jia(Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)