PhotonIcs and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

Focus & Special Sessions

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SC3: Programmable Optical Devices and Circuits

Session Organizers

  • Yiwei Xie


    Zhejiang University

  • Rajesh Kumar


    IIT Roorkee

Session Information

Programmable optical devices and circuits that can provide multiple functionalities, by programming via electronic/optical means, not only provide a path to significantly reducing the cost per function, but more importantly, increase the potential for applications of one particular photonic chip. This session focuses on the recent progresses of optical devices and circuits with tunable/reconfigurable elements for optical communication, microwave photonics applications, quantum information processing and so on. Both theoretical and experimental works are welcome.

Submitted Articles

Note: The following submitted articles are not guaranteed to be scheduled in the final program at this stage. The final presentation type and arranged session will be decided by Technical Program Committee.

Presenting Author

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Shenghong Ye


Kyushu University

  • 00:00Demonstration of Bi-directional 400-GHz-wide High-speed High-reliability Wavelength Switching at DFB Laser with Current/Temperature Cooperative Control
    Shenghong Ye(Kyushu University), Ming Che(Kyushu University), Takeshi Kuboki(Kyushu University), Kazutoshi Kato(Kyushu University)

Wim Bogaerts


Ghent University --- IMEC

Lingling Cai


Zhejiang University

Jian Wang


Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  • 00:00Tailoring Light Using Programmable Optical Devices (Invited Talk)
    Jian Wang(Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Ali Adibi


Georgia Institute of Technology

  • 00:00Phase-change Materials for Dynamically Reconfigurable Integrated Nanophotonic and Metaphotonic Devices
    InvitedAli Adibi(Georgia Institute of Technology)

Jianping Yao


University of Ottawa

  • 00:00Photonic Integrated Circuits for Programmable Microwave Signal Generation and Processing
    KeynoteJianping Yao(University of Ottawa)

Oded Raz


Eindhoven University of Technology