PhotonIcs and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

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SC3: Supercontinuum and Frequency Combs: Fundamental Physics and Applications 1

Session Organizers

  • Feng Li


    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • Zhe Kang


    Zhejiang University

Session Information

Recent progress in supercontinuum and frequency combs sources has revolutionized many sciences and engineering areas, including astronomy, spectroscopy, metrology, communications, optical computing, etc. The broadband and coherent sources with octave-spanning spectrum enable f-2f self-referenced fceo locking. Development of emerging nonlinear platforms such as microstructured fibers and large bandgap photonic chips enable supercontinuum and frequency combs generation in extended spectral bands, i.e. mid-infrared, visible, and ultraviolet regions, where conventional lasers are unavailable due to lacking appropriate gain medium.
This session focuses on the recent advances in novel physical mechanisms and applications of supercontinuum and frequency combs. Topics include, but are not limited to, supercontinuum generation in microstructured fibers and micro/nano photonic chips. Chip platforms with large bandgap are of particular interests; Kerr frequency combs generation and manipulation in microresonators and fiber cavities; nonlinear pulse shaping; applications of frequency combs on trace-gas sensing, dual-comb spectroscopy, LIDAR, radio-frequency photonics, and artificial intelligence photonics.


Keynote Speakers

Prof.  Philip St. J. Russell  ||   Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

Prof.  John E. Bowers  ||  University of California, Santa Barbara


Invited Speakers

Prof.  Curtis Menyuk  ||  University of Maryland Baltimore County

Prof.  Takasumi Tanabe  ||  Keio University

Prof.  Lin Zhang  ||  Tianjin University

Prof.  Qifan Yang || Peking University

Dr.  Mengjie Yu  ||  Harvard University

Prof.  Qian Li ||  Peking University

Dr.  Jijun He  ||  École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Prof.  Xiaoxiao Xue  ||  Tsinghua University

Prof.  Hairun Guo  ||  Shanghai University

Prof.  Zhenda Xie  ||  Nanjing University

Submitted Articles

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Presenting Author

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John E. Bowers


University of California Santa Barbara

  • 10:30Supercontinuum and Frequency Combs: Fundamental Physics and Applications
    KeynoteJohn E. Bowers(University of California Santa Barbara), Lin Chang(University of California, Santa Barbara), Chao Xiang(University of California Santa Barbara)

Curtis R. Menyuk


University of Maryland Baltimore County

  • 09:30Dynamical Methods for Studying Stability and Noise in Frequency Comb Sources
    InvitedCurtis R. Menyuk(University of Maryland Baltimore County), Logan Courtright(University of Maryland Baltimore County), Zhen Qi(University of Maryland Baltimore County), Shaokang Wang(University of Maryland Baltimore County), Thomas F. Carruthers(University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Qi-Fan Yang


Peking University

  • 10:55Soliton Microcombs: Integrated Photonics Powering Metrology
    InvitedQi-Fan Yang(Peking University)

Mengjie Yu


Harvard University

  • 09:45Integrated Lithium-niobate Electro-optic Devices
    InvitedMengjie Yu(Harvard University)

Takasumi Tanabe


Keio University