PhotonIcs and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

Focus & Special Sessions

Session Title

SC2: Metamaterial Polarization Optics and Applications

Session Organizers

  • Jin Hui Shi


    Harbin Engineering University

  • Zeyong Wei


    Tongji University

Session Information

The rapidly growing metamaterials and metasurfaces offer an unprecedented opportunity to manipulate the polarization state of light at will. Substantial efforts have been made to enrich polarization optics via anisotropic, chiral, hyperbolic, gradient, coding and topological metasurfaces. The session will cover important achievements including fundamental physics, various interesting polarization phenomena and significant polarization applications.

Submitted Articles

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Presenting Author

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Teun-Teun Kim


University of Ulsan

  • 17:00Active Control of Polarization State Near an Exceptional Point of Non-Hermitian Graphene Metasurfaces
    InvitedTeun-Teun Kim(University of Ulsan)

Changxu Liu


University of Exeter

  • 17:40Harnessing the Fabrication Imperfection in Nanophotonics-disordered Metasurfaces for Structural Colour Generation and Efficient Light Extraction
    InvitedChangxu Liu(University of Exeter)

Zhen Gao


Southern University of Science and Technology

  • 14:55Broadband Subwavelength Wave Manipulation in a Surface-wave Photonic Crystal
    InvitedZhen Gao(Southern University of Science and Technology)

Hui Hu


Harbin Engineering University

  • 17:55Chiral Responses of Multilayered Metamaterial with Black Phosphorus
    Hui Hu(Harbin Engineering University), Zheng Zhu(Harbin Engineering University), Hao Zhang(Harbin Engineering University), Chunying Guan(Harbin Engineering University), Jin Hui Shi(Harbin Engineering University)

Longqing Cong


Southern University of Science and Technology

  • 14:35Temporal Loss Boundary Engineered Dielectric Metamaterials
    InvitedLongqing Cong(Southern University of Science and Technology)

Yang Li


Southern University of Science and Technology

  • 15:15Ge2Sb2Te5-based Nanocavity Metasurface for Enhancement of Third Harmonic Generation
    Yang Li(Southern University of Science and Technology), Xuecai Zhang(Southern University of Science and Technology), Yutao Tang(Southern University of Science and Technology), Wenfeng Cai(Southern University of Science and Technology), Kuan Liu(Dalian University of Technology), Ningbin Mao(Southern University of Science and Technology), Kingfai Li(Southern University of Science and Technology), Junhong Deng(Southern University of Science and Technology), Yanjun Liu(Southern University of Science and Technology), Tun Cao(Dalian University of Technology), Guixin Li(Southern University of Science and Technology)

Lei Wang


Jilin University

  • 16:40Polarization Manipulation by Polarized Laser-induced Nanogratings: Can Metamaterials Work for Cloud Data Storage in Data Era?
    InvitedLei Wang(Jilin University), ***, ***, ***, ***, Qi-Dai Chen(Jilin University), Hong-Bo Sun(Tsinghua University)

Kuang Zhang


Harbin Institute of Technology

  • 16:20Dual-band Independent Phase Control Based on High Efficiency Metasurface
    InvitedJinxing Li(Harbin Institute of Technology), Yueyi Yuan(Harbin Institute of Technology), Qun Wu(Harbin Institute of Technology), Shah Nawaz Burokur(Paris Nanterre University), Kuang Zhang(Harbin Institute of Technology)

Nikolay I. Zheludev


University of Southampton & Nanyang Technological University

  • 17:15The Metamaterials Driven by Light, Electromagnetic Forces, Sound and Heat
    KeynoteNikolay I. Zheludev(University of Southampton & Nanyang Technological University)

Jianfa Zhang


National University of Defense Technology

  • 16:00High Q Resonant Metasurfaces with Two-dimensional Materials, Phase Change Materials and Beyond
    Invited***, Qi Meng(National University of Defense Technology), ***, Zhihong Zhu(National University of Defense Technology), Xiao-Dong Yuan(National University of Defense Technology), Shiqiao Qin(National University of Defense Technology), Jianfa Zhang(National University of Defense Technology)