PhotonIcs and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

Focus & Special Sessions

Session Title

SC2&SC3: Photonics Empowered by Artificial Intelligence 1

Session Organizers

  • Yongmin Liu


    Northeastern University

  • Junsuk Rho


    Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

  • Wei Ma


    Zhejiang University

Session Information

Recently, there has been strong interest and exciting progress in the field that combines photonics and artificial intelligence. It has been shown that artificial intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning, can significantly accelerate the discovery, design, and deployment of various photonic structures, materials, devices, and systems. The topics of the session include but are not limited to:
  • Machine learning and deep learning for the design of photonic materials, such as metamaterials/metasurfaces, topological photonic materials, and photonic crystals
  • Inverse design of photonic structures and devices by advanced optimization methods
  • Optical sensing, imaging, communication, and spectroscopy empowered by machine learning and deep learning
  • Metamaterials and integrated photonics for optical computing and information processing
  • Optical neural networks and neuromorphic photonics

Submitted Articles

Note: The following submitted articles are not guaranteed to be scheduled in the final program at this stage. The final presentation type and arranged session will be decided by Technical Program Committee.

Presenting Author

Talk Time | Paper Title | Authors | Abstract

Yijie Gu


Zhejiang University

  • 08:55Deep Learning Accelerated Dielectric Metasurface Design
    Yijie Gu(Zhejiang University), Ran Hao(China Jiliang University), Er Ping Li(Zhejiang University --- UIUC Institute)

Bo Xiong


Nanjing University

  • 08:40Realizing Colorful Holographic Mimicry by Metasurfaces
    Bo Xiong(Nanjing University), ***, ***, Ru-Wen Peng(Nanjing University), Mu Wang(Nanjing University), Yongmin Liu(Northeastern University)

Ru-Wen Peng


Nanjing University

Hongyi Yuan


Beijing Institute of Technology

  • 09:10On-chip Cascaded Devices with an Intelligent Algorithm
    Hongyi Yuan(Beijing Institute of Technology), Cuicui Lu(Beijing Institute of Technology)

Jinfeng Zhu


Xiamen University

  • 08:20Smart Design of Plasmonic Stack Metamaterials by Artificial Intelligence
    InvitedJinfeng Zhu(Xiamen University), ***