PIERS 2018 in Toyama
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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2018 in Toyama, Japan, 1-4 August, 2018

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PIERS2018 Toyama Focus/Special Sessions  
SC3: Photonic Microstructures/Nanostructures and Their Applications
Organized by Prof. Masayuki Fujita (Osaka University) and Dr. Kengo Nozaki (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
Session's Information:
Microstructures and nanostructures with dimensions comparable to or smaller than the wavelength of electromagnetic waves have demonstrated the unprecedented ability to manipulate photonic phenomena. These small structures exhibit great potential in the development and integration of various compact efficient devices, such as waveguides, cavities, filters, emitters, detectors, absorbers, modulators, and switches. These devices would be useful in the basic study of photon-matter interactions and the development of applications in communication, computing, spectroscopy, sensing, imaging, processing, and energy harvesting. This session will cover both theoretical and experimental advances in the field of photonic microstructures/nanostructures, including photonic crystals, silicon photonics, plasmonic structures, and their applications for light and terahertz wave regions.
Organizer's Information:

  • Prof. Masayuki Fujita
    Osaka University

  • Dr. Kengo Nozaki
    NTT Basic Research Laboratories

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