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PhotonIcs & Electromagnetics Research Symposium
also Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium
PIERS General Guidelines- For Authors

1. Paper Preparation:

Authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract. The abstract limit is one page but must have at least 250 words in English.

No full-length paper is required. The abstract should explain clearly the content and relevance of the proposed technical contribution. On a separate page list the following information: (1) Title of the paper, (2) Name, affiliation, and email of each author, (3) Corresponding author and Presenting author, (4) Topic or Session Organizer, if applicable, (5) State if poster presentation is preferred.

Your co-authors will be informed about the paper submission. Paper may not be displayed in the PIERS online program untill the emails of all the co-authors are submitted.

Please use On-Line-Submission to submit your contribution or via email (office@piers.org) by attachments.

Full Papers: PIERS Proceedings Submitted for IEEE Xplore

PIERS full papers will be submitted for publication in IEEE Xplore.

BPSA authors and YSA authors: All BPSA authors and YSA authors are required to submit a full paper of 5 - 10 pages . The full papers will be reviewed respectively by the BPSA and YSA committees.

General authors: Author of an accepted abstract is invited to (but is not required to) submit a full paper of 3 - 10 pages. Full papers will be reviewed by the session organizers or the TPC members. Accepted full papers will be published in the final PIERS Proceedings after the conference provided the author is registered and pay non-refundable registration fee.

The full papers will first be submitted to IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) for quality review before submission to IEEE Xplore. The IEEE GRSS can reject the paper for not meeting the quality standards.

The IEEE-GRSS has the following policies on conference publications

1. No show papers will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore. They are treated as rejected papers

2. Papers submitted to IEEE Xplore need to have a minimum length of 3 pages.

3. Papers should have no more than 40% overlap with prior publications

4. Every paper should include references and the amount of references should be proportionate to the work.

All the full papers will be finalized in the PIERS Proceedings after the actual conference, and thus some feedback from the physical conference presentation may affect the final decision. Please note that the publisher reserves the right to revoke the acceptance or retract the publication in some extreme circumstances when it may become apparent that a previously published or accepted work significantly misrepresented the quality, veracity, or relevance of the presented results.

The one-page abstracts will be included in a USB-disk, instead of printed hard copies, which will be attached to the printed Technical PIERS Program onsite. The PIERS proceedings including full papers only will be published on IEEE Xplore. Kindly be aware that there is NO mail service of conference materials for PIERS participants.

For registered and paid abstract, there is NO additional publication charge for full papers within 10 pages. The overlength page charge for full papers will be USD 50 per page beyond the 10th page. To pay the overlength page charge, please download the page charge form ( PDF , DOC ) and send to PIERS OFFICE via email or fax.

About EM Academy/PIERS Publications:
Please be aware that PIERS Symposia/Conference publications should not be published verbatim in other journals without more than 40% change of the content of the paper.

1) PIERS Abstracts:
All accepted and paid abstracts will be included in PIERS Abstracts and distributed onsite only since 2017.
2) PIERS Proceedings:
Kindly be aware that only full-length papers will be included in PIERS Proceedings.
All submitted full-length papers will be typesetted in uniform PIERS format and the author will be required to proofread the typeset version and can make revisions in due time. PIERS Proceedings will be archived in IEEE Xplore since 2016.
3) PIER Journals:
PIER Journals (PIER, PIER B, C, M, and PIER Letters) are peer-reviewed journals and sponsored by The Electromagnetics Academy. PIERS participants are encouraged to submit original and comprehensive articles on all aspects of electromagnetic theory and applications to PIER Journals. Authors are strongly suggested to visit the Author Guideline before preparing the manuscripts.

2. File Format:
To expedite the process, the following files are required.

  • Source file in *.doc or *.tex (recommended) with figures.
  • A *.pdf file of the manuscript including text, equations, and figures.

The LaTeX file is preferred. A style file is prepared for the LaTeX users. A set of sample files for PIERS full-length Paper using the style file are listed as follows.
For LaTex users: Sample.TEX, piers.sty, Sample.PDF
For WORD users, please do not worry about the *.doc format.
Each article will be typeset in uniform PIERS TEX format.

3. Paper Submission Instruction
Please view the copyright transfer agreement before paper submission.
Abstracts: We strongly recommend you use On-Line-Submission to submit your contribution. An acknowledge email with assigned article key will be sent to you immediately if online submission is successful.
Do not online submit your revised version again. If any revision to the abstract, please log in to fill out the Abstract Revision Checklist by indicating the revised parts.

Extended Papers: To submit a extended paper for exsiting abstract, please log in or use Extended-Paper Online Submission. Manuscript which has been published on other journals should not be submitted as PIERS extended paper.

4. Acceptance Notice and Author Login
The Abstract Acceptance Notice will be sent 3 weeks after the Abstract Submission Deadline. You can request the login username and password if your email has been provided to PIERS. Author will be informed with username and password to login user webpage after the abstract is accepted. Co-Author will be sent an email and informed about this submission. Invitation Letters also can be downloaded in user webpage.

5. Pre-registration Process
All presenting authors must pay non-refundable pre-registration fee and is limited to present no more than three papers in oral and poster sessions. Only pre-registered and paid abstracts before pre-registration dealine will be scheduled in the symposium program. Inclusion of the submissions in the final Technical Program and PIERS Proceedings (full-length papers only) is guaranteed only after the pre-registration of the presenting author is completed. Your pre-registration will be valid only provided the payment is received timely.

On-site registration opportunity is for non-presenting authors only. Registration fee for your articles is non-refundable.

Registration Fee include admission to all technical sessions, coffee break areas, printed program. It does not include any other meals or lodging costs.
Kindly be aware that there is NO mail service of conference materials for no-show PIERS participants. The final PIERS Proceedings will be archived in IEEE Xplore since 2016.

6. Paper Proofread and Revision Process
Each article will be edited in uniform PIERS format. You can login to proofread and revise your article after it is accepted.

Abstract Revision checklist will be available on the user webpage after it is accepted and registered.

Full-length Paper Revision checklist will be available on the user webpage after the review process is finished and the paper is registered. If any revision, please fill out the revision checklist by indicating the page and line numbers where the revisions should be made.

  • Do not upload the whole revised article without any indication.
  • Revision sent by Email is not suggested as the email may be delayed or missed due to unpredicted internet problem. An acknowledge email will be sent to you immediately after the online revision checklist is successfully received.

7. Program Schedule
Usually, a Preliminary Program will be available online 1 month after the pre-registration deadline. Due to program schedule, your timely pre-registration before the deadline is highly appreciated. Final Program will be available 1 month before the conference date.

8. No-Show Policy
To avoid NO SHOW onsite, we highly appreciate that you can inform us in advance if you are not able to fulfill your onsite presentation due to unpredictable circumstances before the program is finalized. You are encouraged to find a colleague who can present the paper for you if you cannot make it to the conference. Please be reminded that if your paper is a no-show onsite, its full-length paper will not be included in the final PIERS proceedings.

PIERS General Guidelines- Young Scientist Programs

•  Best Student Paper Award (BSPA)
To encourage more students to present their good research results in PIERS, Best Student Papers will be awarded after their presentation in each PIERS. Three Prize Winners (First, Second, and Third Prizes) and 1-2 Honorable Mentions will be selected for each category (SC1 to SC5) by the PIERS Young Scientist Program Committee. Each winner will receive a cash award and a banquet ticket to attend the Award Ceremony.

A student competing for best student paper award must be listed as the first author as well as the presenting author of a paper submitted for ORAL presentation. A full-length paper of 5-10 pages is required for the evaluation of the technical quality. The full-length paper should be submitted by the full-length paper submission deadline and registered by the pre-registration deadline. The final score is 50%*(paper review score) + 50%*(presentation score).
List of Best Student Paper Award for past PIERS events.

•  Young Scientist Award (YSA)
The Young Scientist Award (YSA) provides a more general young scientist program in comparison with the BSPA. To qualify applications for the YSA, the applicant must have PhD degree in science/engineering and under 40 years of age by the conference date. The applicant must be listed as the first author as well as the presenting author of a paper submitted for oral presentation. A curriculum vitae with publication list must be submitted together with the abstract. A full-length paper of 5-10 pages should be submitted by the full-length paper submission deadline and registered by the pre-registration deadline. Awardees will be selected after peer-review of the applications by the PIERS Young Scientist Program Committee.
List of Young Scientist Award for past PIERS events.

PIERS General Guidelines- For Session Organizers

For session organization, please go to PIERS SURVEY

Session organizers or invited participants may be receiving multiple invitations from members of the various PIERS Committees or other session organizers. One need not be overly concerned with a session topic that might be in conflict or overlapping with topics of other sessions. Multiple sessions in the same technical area will serve to enhance the strength and interest of the area at the Symposium. The Technical Committee will schedule sessions of similar topics at different times over the Symposium period.

Each organized session should have eight to eleven talks that will not be subject to the regular review cycle. The session organizers have full authority in soliciting and accepting articles for the session. The allocated presentation time for each talk is 20 minutes that includes the time for questions from the audience. Each author is limited to presenting no more than three talks (including poster papers) at the symposium and is required to register in advance. The names of the session organizers will be listed under PIERS organization on the web page, and in the printed version of all PIERS publications when more than 8 papers of an organized session are received. Each session is limited to no more than 2 organizers and the session organizer can designate a chair and a co-chair for the session. Only registered participant can be designated as a session chair to avoid no show onsite.

There is no financial subsistence provided for session organizers, session chairs, and all invitees. All the PIERS participants including session organizer, chairs and invitees are required to register and pay registration fee. Kindly note that "invited talks" will not be indicated in PIERS Publications (Final Program, Abstracts & Proceedings), except for Focus Sessions (where "keynote/invited talks" will be indicated) and some special sessions approved by the conference leadership.

Please pay attention to the following items for a successful session:
1. After fill out the PIERS survey and approved by PIERS committee, you will receive an email with login username and password to administrate your organized session. Do visit your session webpage if you are the first time to organize session in PIERS.
2.The most important step to a successful session is to collect high-valued technical contributions from your colleagues, who are leading a team and/or working in the proposed research field. You are suggested to remind your invitees about PIERS policy of no financial subsistence and no invited category in advance.
3. Do send out emails to invite and remind your colleagues to join your session by indicating your name in online submission process.
4. You will be requested to review the extended papers in your session via email. Please return your review comments within 1~2 week.
5. Please remind the author to pre-register the paper in your session before you arrange the paper orders. To avoid NO SHOW, only registered paper will be scheduled in the program.

PIERS General Guidelines- For Presenters

Oral Presentation

  • Load and TEST presentation files in advance:
    All Oral Presenters must load and test presentation files in the PIERS OFFICE no late than 12 hours before the scheduled talk. Presenters are not allowed to detach the session computer and attach their own notebook/laptop to the LCD projector in session room.
  • Presentation files Format:
    PDF, Power Point
    are recommended. Movies or animations in MPEG, Windows Media, and etc, should be tested in PIERS computer in PIERS OFFICE no later than half-day before the session.
  • USB disk, CD-ROM, DVD:
    Presentation files in USB disk, CD-ROM, DVD
    are acceptable by PIERS Computer..
  • Report to Session Chair:
    Presenters are required to report to their session chairs at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their session.
  • Talk Limit: 20 minutes:
    All oral presentations, including questions and answers, should be less than 20 minutes.
  • DO NOT change presentation sequence::
    Session Chairs, please be present in the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session and must strictly observe the starting time and time limit of each paper and refrain from changing paper presentation sequence.
  • NO picture request:
    When such a request is made by the presenter, the session chair and session helpers will do their best to ensure that no pictures will be taken at the presentation.

Poster Presentation

  • One panel will be available for each poster. The panel size may be different for each PIERS.
  • All presenters are required to mount their papers one hour before the session and remove them at the end of their sessions.
  • Presenters should post time slots of their presence on the panel and be present for interactive questions at the given time.
Contact PIERS OFFICE: office@piers.org