PIERS 2016 in Shanghai
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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2016 in Shanghai, China, 8 August - 11 September, 2016

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PIERS2016 Shanghai Focus/Special Sessions  
2_FocusSession.SC2&3: Spin Orbit Interaction of Light and Topological Photonics
Organized by Prof. Shuang Zhang (University of Birmingham) and Prof. Yongmin Liu (Northeastern University)
Session's Information:
Light, due to its transverse nature, exhibits intrinsic spin-orbit interaction, which can be effectively manipulated by judiciously designed photonic structures. This intriguing effect can be utilized to unidirectionally couple light into surface plasmon polaritons. In addition, it has been shown that spin-orbit interaction of light can be tailored to realize novel types of photonic media exhibiting nontrivial topological characteristics, such as photonic topological insulators and photonic topological semimetals. This session will focus on the fundamental physics and potential applications of spin orbit interaction of light and topological metamaterials.
List of invited speakers (in alphabetical order): Prof. Che Ting Chan (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Prof. Jianwen Dong (Sun Yat-Sen University,China), Dr. Ling Lu (MIT, USA),
Organizer's Information:

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