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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2014 in Guangzhou, China, 25-28 August, 2014

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PIERS 2014 Guangzhou Focus/Special Sessions
0_Focus Session: Education for Electromagnetics 
Organized by Ari Sihvola
0_FocusSession: Sesquicentennial Commemoration Session for Maxwell's Equations 1
Organized by Weng Cho Chew
1_FocusSession.SC1&2: Nonreciprocal Electromagnetics and Photonics 
Organized by Lei Bi and Zheng Wang
1_FocusSession.SC1: Casimir Effect and Heat Transfer 
Organized by Mauro Antezza and Brahim Guizal
2_FocusSession.SC2: Active Metamaterials
Organized by Ortwin Hess
2_FocusSession.SC2: Novel Techniques for Subwavelength-focusing and Super Resolution Imaging 1 
Organized by Zhaowei Liu and Geoffroy Lerosey
2_FocusSession.SC2: Novel Techniques for Subwavelength-focusing and Super Resolution Imaging 2 
Organized by Zhaowei Liu and Geoffroy Lerosey
2_FocusSession.SC2: Transfromation Optics 1
Organized by Hongsheng Chen, Hui Liu, and Jensen Li
2_FocusSession.SC2: Tunable and Reconfigurable Metamaterials and Plasmonics 1
Organized by Yongmin Liu and Ranjan Singh
3_FocusSession.SC2&3: Plasmonic, Metallic, or Dielectric Nanolasers 
Organized by Cun-Zheng Ning and Tien-Chang Lu
3_FocusSession.SC3&2: Disordered Photonics
Organized by Pedro David Garcia
3_FocusSession.SC3&2: Flexible Transparent Conductors Part 1 & 2
Organized by Zhifeng Ren, Jinwei Gao, and Chuanfei Guo
3_FocusSession.SC3: Biomedical Optics: Spectroscopic and Multimodal Imaging
Organized by Jurgen Popp and Francesco S. Pavone
3_FocusSession.SC3: Biophotonics --- Clinical and Preclinical Applications
Organized by Katarina Svanberg
3_FocusSession.SC3: Laser Spectroscopy for Sensing and Environmental Monitoring 1
Organized by Sune Svanberg and Heping Zeng
3_FocusSession.SC3: Laser Spectroscopy for Sensing and Environmental Monitoring 2
Organized by Sune Svanberg and Heping Zeng
3_FocusSession.SC3: Nonlinear Optics: Structured Materials, Functional Devices and Applications 1 
Organized by Iam-Choon Khoo and Shiming Gao
3_FocusSession.SC3: Photoacoustic Tomography and Sensing
Organized by Li Hong V. Wang
3_FocusSession.SC3: Real-time High-speed Measurements for Communication, Biomedical & Industrial Appl. 
Organized by Bahram Jalali, Chao Wang, and Mohammad H. Asghari
3_FocusSession.SC3: Ultrafast Optics 
Organized by Zhiyi Wei and Oliver D. Mucke
4_FocusSession.SC4: Optimal Antennas 
Organized by Mats Gustafsson and B. Lars G. Jonsson
4_FocusSession.SC4: Recent Progresses in Monolithic and Multilayer/Planar Integrated Circuits and Components 
Organized by Kamal Kumar Samanta and Maurizio Bozzi
Application/Effects of EM Field/Radiation in Medicine/Bio and in Ecological Industrial Technologies
Organized by Jan Vrba and Lama Sakhnini
Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
Organized by
Environmental Observation and CubeSat Technology 
Organized by Rachid Talhi
Exciton and Surface-Plasmon Polariton lasers, and Nanolasers 
Organized by Tien-Chang Lu
MS-1 : Mini-symposium on Photovoltaics, LEDs and Other Optoelectronics in Energy
Organized by Wallace C. H. Choy and Mario Dagenais
MS-1.1&MS-1.8: Inorganic & Semiconductor Photovoltaics
Organized by Mario Dagenais and Jinwei Gao
MS-1.2: Graphene Photovoltaics 
Organized by Hongwei Zhu and Dan Xie
MS-1.3-1.4: Organic Transistors/Integrated Circuits and Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
Organized by Shien-Ping Feng and Paddy Kwok Leung Chan
MS-1.5: Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells 1
Organized by Wallace C. H. Choy and Hin-Lap Yip
MS-1.5: Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells 2
Organized by Wallace C. H. Choy and Hin-Lap Yip
MS-1.6: Organic Light Emitting Diodes 1 
Organized by Jwo-Huei Jou and Jiun-Haw Lee
MS-1.7: Light Emtting Diodes
Organized by Mario Dagenais, Nelson Tansu, and Haiyan Ou
MS-1.8: Semiconductor Photovoltaics
Organized by Mario Dagenais
MS-1.9: Light Management for Photovoltaics
Organized by Noel C. Giebink
MS-2 : Mini-Symposium on Microwave Photonics
Organized by Christina Lim and Chao Wang
MS-2.1: Focus Session on Microwave Photonics Components and Systems
Organized by Cyril C. Renaud and Chao Wang
MS-2.2: Focus Session on Radio-over-Fiber Systems
Organized by Kun Xu and Woo-Young Choi
MS-2.3: Focus Session on Integrated Microwave Photonics
Organized by David Marpaung and Hiroshi Murata
Novel Optical Imaging Methods for Biomedical Applications, Spectroscopic and THz Bioelectromagnetics 
Organized by Nanguang Chen
Optoelectronic and Photonics Devices
Organized by
Parallel Technique for Large and Complex Electromagnetic Problems 
Organized by Lei Zhao and Wenhua Yu
SC1&2: Time-reversed Electromagnetics
Organized by Jia-Lin Li and Shao-Qiu Xiao
SC1&3: Design and Simulation of Electromagnetic and Optical Devices 1 
Organized by Shinichiro Ohnuki and Jun Shibayama
SC1&3: Physics and Applications of Photonic Crystals, Materials, and Nanostructures 
Organized by Tzong-Jer Yang and Chien-Jang Wu
SC1&4: Antennas, Shielding, HPEM and EMC Measurement 
Organized by Rafał Przesmycki and Leszek Nowosielski
SC1,3&4: Photonics-applied Electromagnetic Measurement: Fundamental Study, Applications, and Standards 
Organized by Satoru Kurokawa and Hiroshi Murata
SC1: Advanced Mathematical and Computational Methods in Electromagnetic Theory and Their Applications 
Organized by Georgi Nikolov Georgiev and Mariana Nikolova Georgieva-Grosse
SC1: Advanced Numerical Techniques in Computational Electromagnetics 
Organized by Mei Song Tong and Li Jun Jiang
SC1: Characterization, Propagation and Application of Beams with Controlled Polarization, Coherence and Phase
Organized by Yangjian Cai and Fei Wang
SC1: Computational Electromagnetics Methods for Characterizing Complex Electromagnetic Environment Effects
Organized by Wen-Yan Yin
SC1: Computational Techniques in Electromagnetics and Applications
Organized by Yoichi Okuno and Tsuneki Yamasaki
SC1: Extended/Unconventional Electromagnetic Theory, EHD(Electro-hydrodynamics)/EMHD(Electro-magneto-hydrodynamics), and Electro-biology 
Organized by Eva Gescheidtova
SC1: Ferroelectric and Dielectric Materials
Organized by Xubing Lu and Junming Liu
SC1: Novel Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetics 
Organized by Kazuya Kobayashi and Yury V. Shestopalov
SC2&1: Effective Medium Theories and Homogenization 
Organized by Ying Wu
SC2&3: Active Nanophotonics: Design of Nano-devices/Structures and Their Interaction with Molecules 
Organized by Shiuan-Yeh Chen and Qing Huo Liu
SC2&3: Functional Chiral Metamaterials
Organized by Dragomir N. Neshev and Ilya V. Shadrivov
SC2&3: Light Harvesting for Energy and Optoelectronic Applications 
Organized by Qin Chen and Xiaofeng Li
SC2&3: Nano-focusing and Applications 
Organized by Ruoxi Yang
SC2&3: Nanoplasmonics: Nonlinear and Quantum Phenomena
Organized by Joseph W. Haus
SC2&3: Plasmonics for Sensing Applications 
Organized by Aaron Ho-Pui Ho and Dangyuan Lei
SC2,3&4: Electronics and Optoelectronics Using Two-dimensional Materials and Their Heterostructures 
Organized by Han Zhang and Fengnian Xia
SC2: Graphene for Plasmonics and Sensing 
Organized by Sanshui Xiao and Weihua Wang
SC2: Nanoantennas 
Organized by Zheyu Fang and Kuo-Ping Chen
SC2: Optical Metamaterials and Applications 
Organized by Shumin Xiao and Jacob Zubin
SC2: Plasmon Enhanced Light-matter Interactions
Organized by Huigao Duan and Joel K. W. Yang
SC2: Plasmonic Nanophotonics 1 --- Experiment, Measurement and Fabrication 
Organized by Din Ping Tsai and Yung-Chiang Lan
SC2: Plasmonic Nanophotonics 2 --- Design, Modeling and Simulation
Organized by Din Ping Tsai and Yung-Chiang Lan
SC2: Plasmonics: Beyond Local-response Dynamics 
Organized by Nicholas X. Fang and N. Asger Mortensen
SC2: Thermal and Acoustic Metamaterials
Organized by Baile Zhang and Nicholas X. Fang
SC2: THz Metamaterials and Applications
Organized by Willie J. Padilla
SC2: Wave Manipulations by Metasurfaces
Organized by Shulin Sun and Jiaming Hao
SC2: Zero-index Media, Extremely Anisotropic Media, and Nonlocal Photonic Media 
Organized by Yun Lai and Lei Gao
SC3&1: Science and Applications of Electromagnetic Vortices and Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM)
Organized by Larry Xiaocong Yuan and Gunnar G. E. Bjork
SC3&2: Photonic Crystals
Organized by Zhi-Yuan Li
SC3&2: Photonic Crystals for Sensing and Modulation
Organized by Ray T. Chen
SC3&4: Liquid Crystals
Organized by Yikai Su and Iam-Choon Khoo
SC3&4: THz Bioelectromagnetics
Organized by Elliott R. Brown
SC3-workshop: Integrated Nanophotonics for Optical Interconnects in Data Centers 
Organized by Lech Wosinski and Lin Yang
SC3: Access and Short-reach Communications
Organized by Chao Lu
SC3: Advanced Display Technologies
Organized by Guofu Zhou
SC3: Advanced Micro-/Nano-fabrication for Optical Sensing and Imaging Applications 
Organized by Hyuck Choo and Monika Fleischer
SC3: Advances in Optical Networking: Parts 1 
Organized by Jiajia Chen, David B. Payne, and Lena Wosinska
SC3: Chaotic/Random Lasers and Their Applications
Organized by Yuncai Wang
SC3: Design, Simulation and Analysis of Optoelectronic and Photonics Devices
Organized by Gong-Ru Lin and Hao-Chung Kuo
SC3: Fano Resonance in Nanoscale Structures 
Organized by Andrey E. Miroshnichenko and Yuri S. Kivshar
SC3: Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies for Structural Health Monitoring and Applications 
Organized by Kazuo Hotate and Zuyuan He
SC3: Fibers and Fiber Devices for Optical Communications
Organized by Xuewen Shu
SC3: Frontiers of Quantum Nanostructures and Related Issues
Organized by Jean-Pierre Leburton
SC3: Functional Optical Fiber Devices 
Organized by Liyang Shao and Zhe Chen
SC3: Heterogeneous Photonic Integration Technologies and Devices on Silicon 
Organized by Liu Liu and Daoshe Cao
SC3: High Power Fiber Lasers 1 
Organized by Darren D. Hudson and Jianfeng Li
SC3: High Speed Interconnects for High Performance Computing 
Organized by Boping Wu and Zhen Zhou
SC3: High-speed Optical Communications and Advanced Optical Signal Processing
Organized by Zhaohui Li, Xiaogeng Xu, and Lianshan Yan
SC3: Holography and Optical Storage 
Organized by Xiaodi Tan and Zhaopeng Xu
SC3: Luminescent Materials, Devices and Application 
Organized by Chunxiang Xu and Cees Ronda
SC3: Nanoimprint and Applications 
Organized by Wei Wu and L. Jay Guo
SC3: Nanoparticle-assisted Bioimaging and Sensing 
Organized by Jun Qian and Renato Evangelista De Araujo
SC3: Novel Microscopy Techniques in Bioimaging
Organized by Zhiwei Huang
SC3: Onchip Multiplexing Technologies and Devices for Optical Interconnects 
Organized by Daoxin Dai and Di Liang
SC3: Optical Fiber Sensing Devices 
Organized by Yiping Wang and Tao Zhu
SC3: Optical Microcavities in Biosensing
Organized by Qimin Quan and Frank Vollmer
SC3: Optical Polarization and Coherence in the Near-field Range 
Organized by Sergei Popov
SC3: Optical Resonances and Microresonators 
Organized by Andrew Wing On Poon and Ali Serpenguzel
SC3: Optical Signal Processing 
Organized by Xinliang Zhang and Yikai Su
SC3: Photonic Crystal and Multi-material Fibers 
Organized by Alexander Argyros and Fabien Sorin
SC3: Quantum Dots—Growth, Behavior, and Applications
Organized by Zhiming M. Wang
SC3: Quantum Optics 
Organized by Byoung Seung Ham and Shengwang Du
SC3: Semiconductor Lasers
Organized by Siyuan Yu and Yong-Zhen Huang
SC3: Solid-state Quantum Photonics 
Organized by Serkan Ates and Xuewen Chen
SC3: Spectroscopy and Nanoscopy for Sensing and Imaging 
Organized by Yihui Wu
SC3: Structured Light 
Organized by Zhimin Shi
SC3: Ultrasensitive Optical Sensors 
Organized by Gilberto Brambilla and Wei Jin
SC4&2: Graded Index Structures and Metamaterials for Antenna Applications 
Organized by Oscar Quevedo-Teruel and Qiang Cheng
SC4&3: Metamaterials for Antenna Applications: Practical Solutions
Organized by John Yiannis C. Vardaxoglou
SC4-workshop: Body Sensor Network
Organized by Lei Wang
SC4: Advanced Magnetic Materials for Microwave Applications
Organized by Chong Kim Ong and Yungui Ma
SC4: Antenna-channel Interactions and Multipath Wireless Channels 
Organized by Andres Alayon Glazunov
SC4: Antennas and RF Devices Based on Superconductors and Other Advanced Materials 
Organized by Malay Ranjan Tripathy
SC4: Array Antenna for Wireless Communication 
Organized by Dau-Chyrh Chang and Wenhua Yu
SC4: Compact Microwave Filters
Organized by Qing-Xin Chu and Lei Zhu
SC4: Microwave and Millimeter-wave Measurements and Sensing 
Organized by Masahiro Horibe
SC4: MIMO Systems and Applications 
Organized by Mario Marques da Silva and Elvino Sousa
SC4: Novel Frequency Selective Structures
Organized by Zhongxiang Shen and Nader Behdad
SC4: Novel Materials and Technologies for Microwave Components
Organized by Maurizio Bozzi and Hendrik Rogier
SC4: Recent Advances in Magneto-impedance Sensors
Organized by Tsuyoshi Uchiyama
SC4: Recent Progress on Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials
Organized by Nian-Xiang Sun and Yungui Ma
SC4: Reconfigurable Antennas 
Organized by Yingjie Jay Guo and Ying Liu
SC4: RFID Antennas 
Organized by Yuan Yao and Chaowei Wang
SC4: Si-based Microwave Devices and ICs 
Organized by Albert Chin and Hsuan-Ling Kao
SC4: THz Antennas and Systems
Organized by Xiaodong Chen and Junsheng Yu
SC4: Wireless Power Transfer 
Organized by Qiaowei Yuan and Elisenda Bou Balust
SC5: Inverse Problems, Diagnostics, and Estimation 
Organized by Mats Gustafsson and Sven Nordebo
SC5: Remote Sensing 
Organized by Jiancheng Shi
SC5: Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, Ocean, Hydrology and Cryosphere 
Organized by Shuanggen Jin
SCNU Special Session on Biophotonics --- Analytical Biophotonics
Organized by Da Xing
Short Course SC005: Glass-free 3D Display
Organized by Jianying Zhou
Specialty Optical Fibers: Design, Applications, Devices, and Process 
Organized by Pramod R. Watekar
Topological Insulators
Organized by Yshai Avishai

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