PIERS 2019 in Rome
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PhotonIcs & Electromagnetics Research Symposium
also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

PIERS 2019 in Rome, Italy, 17-20 June, 2019

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PIERS 2019 Rome Focus/Special Sessions
1_FocusSession.SC1: Casimir Effect and Forces at the Nanoscale
Organized by Prof. Mauro Antezza (Universite de Montpellier) and Prof. Brahim Guizal (University of Montpellier)
1_FocusSession.SC1: Fluctuational Electrodynamics and Heat Transfer
Organized by Prof. Mauro Antezza (Universite de Montpellier) and Prof. Marco Centini (SAPIENZA Universita di Roma)
2_FocusSession.SC2: Advanced Metasurface Designs and Devices
Organized by Prof. Tao Li (Nanjing University) and Prof. Yun Lai (Soochow University)
3_FocusSession.SC3: Advanced Optofluidics: where Photonics Meets Microfluidics and Life Science
Organized by Prof. Francesco Simoni (Università Politecnica delle Marche) and Dr. Luigino Criante (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)
3_FocusSession.SC3: Advanced Photonic Technologies for Spectroscopic Applications 1 & 2
Organized by Prof. Wei Dong Chen (Universite du Littoral Cote d'Opale), Prof. Vincenzo Spagnolo (Technical University of Bari), and Prof. Ulrike Willer (Clausthal University of Technology)
3_FocusSession.SC3: Nanophotonics
Organized by Prof. Yeshaiahu Shaya Fainman (University of California at San Diego) and Prof. Newton C. Frateschi (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)
Advances in Microwaves Optical Sensors & IP: Theory and Applications
Organized by Prof. Rocco Pierri (Universita degli studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli)
SC1&SC3: Quantum Information Processing and Devices
Organized by Prof. Hai-Zhi Song (Southwest Institute of Technical Physics)
SC1&SC5: Machine Learning Techniques for Remote Sensing and Electromagnetic Applications
Organized by Prof. Massimo Panella (University of Rome ``La Sapienza'')
SC1: Short and Ultrashort Pulsed Electric Fields for Biomedical and Industrial Applications
Organized by Dr. Zeni Olga (CNR --- National Research Council of Italy) and Dr. Stefania Romeo (CNR --- National Research Council of Italy)
SC2: Nonreciprocal and Topological Electromagnetics
Organized by Prof. Mário G. Silveirinha (University of Lisbon) and Dr. Tiago A. Morgado (University of Coimbra)
SC2: Novel Symmetry and Topological Effects with Complex Media
Organized by Dr. Jensen Li (University of Brimingham) and Dr. Johan Christensen (Technical University of Denmark)
SC2: Theory and Applications of Anisotropic and Bianisotropic Metamaterials
Organized by Dr. Yuntian Chen (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
SC3: Advances in Nanolasers
Organized by Prof. Renmin Ma (Peking University)
SC3: Integrated Quantum Photonics
Organized by Prof. Fabio Sciarrino (Sapienza University of Rome)
SC3: Label-free Optical Nanobiosensors for Bio-diagnostics, Environmental Monitoring and Food Safety
Organized by Dr. Lucia Petti (Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems --- ISASI, CNR)
SC3: Light Robotics: Harnessing the Forces of Light for Micro-robotic Actuation and Control
Organized by Dr. Ada-Ioana Bunea (Technical University of Denmark) and Prof. Jesper Gluckstad (Technical University of Denmark)
SC3: Mid-infrared Integrated Photonics and Applications
Organized by Prof. Zhenzhou Cheng (The University of Tokyo)
SC3: Optical Management in Solar Cells
Organized by Prof. Meicheng Li (North China Electric Power University)
SC3: Optical Metamaterials: Applications, Materials and Fabrication Methods
Organized by Prof. Anders Kristensen (Technical University of Denmark) and Prof. Uriel Levy (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
SC3: Organic Photonics for Optical Interconnections and Switching
Organized by Prof. Antonio d'Alessandro (Sapienza University of Rome) and Prof. Rita Asquini (Sapienza University of Rome)
SC3: Photonic Sensing in Health Science and Environmental Monitoring
Organized by Prof. Luigi Zeni (University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli") and Prof. Andrea Cusano (University of Sannio)
SC3: Quantum Sensing and Information Processing
Organized by Dr. Joanna Ptasinski (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific)
SC3: Silicon Photonics
Organized by Prof. Lin Yang (Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
SC4: Millimetre-wave Components for Next-Generation Communications
Organized by Dr. Sergio Colangeli (University of Roma Tor Vergata) and Dr. Ernesto Limiti (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
SC4: Recent Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Microwaves 
Organized by Prof. Marta Cavagnaro (Sapienza University of Rome) and Dr. Lorenzo Crocco (CNR --- National Research Council of Italy)
SC4: UWB Components for Defence Applications
Organized by Dr. Patrick Ettore Longhi (University of Rome Tor Vergata) and Dr. Ernesto Limiti (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
SC4: Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Photonics 
Organized by Prof. Francesco Giuseppe Della Corte ("Mediterranea" University of Reggio Calabria) and Dr. Sandro Rao (``Mediterranea" University of Reggio Calabria)
SC5: Medical Applications of Radars
Organized by Prof. Stefano Pisa (Sapienza University of Rome) and Prof. Emanuele Piuzzi (Sapienza University of Rome)

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