PIERS 2017 in St Petersburg
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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2017 in St Petersburg, Russia, 22-25 May, 2017

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PIERS2017 St Petersburg Focus/Special Sessions  
Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion and Applications
Organized by Prof. Jianhua Li (GL Geophysical Laboratory) and Prof. Ganquan Xie (GL Geophysical Laboratory)
Session's Information:
New novel super science is being born. In current general science, the visible natural science and invisible thinking and social science are main object. Inversely, the invisible natural science and visible thinking and social science are main object in a new novel super science. GLHUA practicable double layer cloak and Easton LaChappelles mind control robot hands show that the new novel super science is being born. GLHUA practicable double layer EM invisible cloaks with relative parameters not less than 1 have been published in arXiv.org/abs/1612.02857 ; arXiv.org/abs/1701.00534 ; arXiv.org/abs/1701.02583 The general scientific experiments can not be used for the super science, the super computational science is entrance and access tunnel for research Super science. Hunan Super computational Science Society has been founded in Changsha of China. The Session In PIERS 2017 in St Petersburg, Russia , "Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion and Applications" (EMMIA) is for reporting and discussing the wide and deep research works for various novel fast, accurate, and stable EM field modeling and scattering and no scattering inversion method and applications. 1. invisible electromagnetic cloak and mirage. 2. High resolution EM parameter and target shape, rough surface, surface material detection, and source location etc inversion method in various frequency band and in time domain, new EM integral equation, EM differential integral equation Green's tensor, integral geometry method, regularizing method, AGILD method, GL method, Born approximation, FEM method, FD method, Stochastic and deterministic method, neural network, random matrix, and stochastic PDE etc. 3.The session reports and discusses the electromagnetic, mechanical, acoustic flow, and heat coupled modeling and inversion methods. In particular, In EMMIA, the macro to macro, macro to micro, micro to macro, and micro to micro EM and Quantum mechanic coupled modeling, dispersion and inversion for homogenization will be detailed discussing. 4.Application in the material science, nanometer material sciences, microwave, plasma, filter, antenna, radar, sensor, optical materials, Phc and dispersion engineering, GPR radar imaging, large scale geophysical and space exploration, planet, solar, galaxy's exploration and data imaging, forest exploration and felling engineering, medical imaging, nondestructive testing, and environment science and engineering, AC-DC transform, high-low frequency transform, motor, generator, power system and electromagnetic stirring for continuous cast engineering etc. Organized by Professor Ganquan Xie,, ChangSha WangChen DAYULING Super Computational Sciences Center, China and Professor Jianhua Li,and Professor Feng Xie and Lee Xie in GL Geophysical Laboratory, USA
Organizer's Information:

  • Prof. Jianhua Li
    GL Geophysical Laboratory

  • Prof. Ganquan Xie
    GL Geophysical Laboratory

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