PIERS 2016 in Shanghai
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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2016 in Shanghai, China, 8 August - 11 September, 2016

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PIERS2016 Shanghai Focus/Special Sessions  
Advanced Antenna and RF Circuits Design 1
Organized by Dr. Malay Ranjan Tripathy (Amity University Uttar Pradesh) and Dr. Yongchae Jeong (Chonbuk National University)
Session's Information:
We cordially invite innovative and next generation designs, implantations, test results and ground deployments on advanced Antenna and RF technology. Our prime focus will be on latest advances in domain-specific knowledge and meta-information pertaining to antenna, RF and devices with application to a wide range of gadgets and subsystems including various kinds of antenna, RFIC, MMIC over the RF/microwave, millimeter wave/THz range of frequencies. We also invite fresh work on physical layer of internetworking, positioning and locationing, communication for robotic swarming on the ground, in air and underwater apart from related technologies in commercial communication systems possibly leading to IoT.
Organizer's Information:

  • Dr. Malay Ranjan Tripathy
    Amity University Uttar Pradesh

  • Dr. Yongchae Jeong
    Chonbuk National University

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