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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, 12-15 August, 2013

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PIERS 2013 Stockholm Focus/Special Sessions
0_Focus Session: Education for Electromagnetics 
Organized by Ari Sihvola
1_FocusSession.SC1: Casimir Effect and Heat Transfer 1 
Organized by Brahim Guizal and Mauro Antezza
1_FocusSession.SC1: Casimir Effect and Heat Transfer 2 
Organized by Brahim Guizal and Mauro Antezza
1_FocusSession.SC1: EMC, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity for Semiconductor and High Speed Electronics 
Organized by Er Ping Li and Ivan Ndip
1_FocusSession.SC1: Foundations of Casimir Physics (with tutorials) 
Organized by Ulf Leonhardt and William M. R. Simpson
1_FocusSession.SC1: Multi-scale & Multi-physics Computational Electromagnetics
Organized by Weng Cho Chew and Tie Jun Cui
2_FocusSession.SC2: Metamaterials and Plasmonics Based on Graphene 
Organized by Yongmin Liu and Costas M. Soukoulis
2_FocusSession.SC2: Metasurfaces for Wavefront Control 
Organized by Lei Zhou and Federico Capasso
2_FocusSession.SC2: Microwave Metamaterials and Applications 1
Organized by Tie Jun Cui and Yang Hao
2_FocusSession.SC2: Plasmonics in the Quantum Regime 1 
Organized by Yongmin Liu and Stefan Alexander Maier
2_FocusSession.SC2: Plasmonics in the Quantum Regime 2
Organized by Yongmin Liu and Stefan Alexander Maier
2_FocusSession.SC2: Super Enhancement of Light with Plasmonic Nano-structures 1 
Organized by Javier Aizpurua and Peter Nordlander
2_FocusSession.SC2: Super Enhancement of Light with Plasmonic Nano-structures 2 
Organized by Javier Aizpurua and Peter Nordlander
2_FocusSession.SC2: Transformation Optics 1
Organized by Hongsheng Chen and Yaroslav Kurylev
2_FocusSession.SC3&2: New Developments in Non-reciprocal Electromagnetics and Optics
Organized by Shanhui Fan and Zheng Wang
3_FocusSession.SC3: Frontiers of Ultrafast Optics 
Organized by Giulio Cerullo and Oliver D. Mucke
3_FocusSession.SC3: Optical Angular Momentum and Its Applications 
Organized by Gunnar G. E. Bjork
3_FocusSession.SC3: Optics for Bio-medical Diagnostics and Therapy Applications
Organized by Katarina Svanberg
3_FocusSession.SC3: Photonics and Optoelectronics in Industry
Organized by Cees Ronda
3_FocusSession.SC3: Photonics of Quantum Dots and Its Applications
Organized by Yasuhiko Arakawa and Jesper Mork
3_FocusSession.SC3: Recent Progress in Photonic Crystals 1 
Organized by Sajeev John and Srinivasan Anand
3_FocusSession.SC3: Super-resolution in Bio-imaging and Sensing 
Organized by Hyuck Choo and Stefan W. Hell
4_FocusSession.SC4&3: Quantum Bits and Entanglement at Microwave Frequencies 
Organized by Alexander Stolin and Vitaly Shumeiko
4_FocusSession.SC4&3: Radio over Fiber Systems and Components
Organized by John Xiupu Zhang
4_FocusSession.SC4: Advances in Millimeter-Wave and THz Circuit, Techniques and Applications 
Organized by Kamal Kumar Samanta
4_FocusSession.SC4: Challenges for Small Antennas 
Organized by Zhinong Ying and Mats Gustafsson
5_FocusSession.SC5: Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow Cover 
Organized by Paolo Pampaloni and Martti Tapani Hallikainen
Action-at-a-distance Theories and Electrodynamics 
Organized by Jayme Vicente De Luca
Advanced Photonic Materials and Nanophtonics
Organized by Yalin Lu
Application of EM Field in Medicine and in Ecological Industrial Technologies
Organized by Jan Vrba
Electromagnetic Modeling, Inversion and Applications 
Organized by Ganquan Xie
Extended/Unconventional Electromagnetic Theory, EHD(Electro-hydrodynamics)/EMHD(Electro-magneto-hydrodynamics), and Electro-biology 
Organized by Eva Gescheidtova
GPU Computing in Electromagnetics 
Organized by Amedeo Capozzoli and Angelo Liseno
Industrial Forum on CEM (Computational Electromagnetics) Software
Organized by Thomas Rylander and Erik Forsberg
Integrated Optical Passive and Active Components for Communication and Sensing Applications 
Organized by Nan-Kuang Chen and Mattias Hammar
New Materials for EM Shielding --- Materials and Technology
Organized by Maciej Jaroszewski and Jan Ziaja
Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, Ocean, Hydrology and Cryosphere 
Organized by Shuanggen Jin
Remote Sensing of the Earth, Ocean, and Atmosphere
Organized by George Jandieri
SC1&3: Design and Simulation of Electromagnetic and Optical Devices 
Organized by Shinichiro Ohnuki and Jun Shibayama
SC1&4: Antenna Modeling and Simulation
Organized by Jiang Zhu and C. J. Reddy
SC1: Advanced Mathematical and Computational Methods in Electromagnetic Theory and Their Applications 
Organized by Georgi Nikolov Georgiev and Mariana Nikolova Georgieva-Grosse
SC1: Advanced Techniques in Nanoelectromagnetics Applications 
Organized by Taner Sengor
SC1: Analytical and Numerical Techniques for Periodic Structures 
Organized by Kiyotoshi Yasumoto and Koki Watanabe
SC1: Computational Electromagnetics
Organized by Alexander B. Samokhin
SC1: Computational Techniques in Electromagnetics and Applications 
Organized by Yoichi Okuno and Tsuneki Yamasaki
SC1: Electromagnetics of Gradient Nanostructures and Heterogeneous Media
Organized by Alexander Borisovich Shvartsburg
SC1: High Frequency/Asymptotic Methods 
Organized by Frederic Molinet
SC1: Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) and EMC 
Organized by Mats Backstrom and Rajeev Thottappillil
SC1: Nonlinear and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetics 
Organized by Yury G. Smirnov and Dmitry V. Valovik
SC1: Novel Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetics 
Organized by Yury V. Shestopalov and Kazuya Kobayashi
SC1: Physics and Application of Nonlinear Materials and Devices 
Organized by Alexander S. Sigov
SC1: Spectral Theory of Open Structures: Critical and Interaction Phenomena 
Organized by Yury V. Shestopalov and Evgeny M. Karchevskiy
SC1: Ultrawideband Nondiffracting and Accelerating Waves 
Organized by Peeter Saari
SC2: Effective Medium Theories and Homogenization 
Organized by Ying Wu
SC2: New and Novel Concepts on Metamaterials/Plasmonics 
Organized by Jensen Li and Che Ting Chan
SC2: Non-linear Metamaterials and Plasmonics 
Organized by Francisco J. Garcia-Vidal and Jorge Bravo-Abad
SC2: Plasmonic Nanomaterials and Nanostrcutures for Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics in Energy 1 
Organized by Wallace C. H. Choy and Jianfang Wang
SC2: Plasmonics beyond the Common Local-response Approximation 
Organized by N. Asger Mortensen
SC3&2: Physics and Modeling of Laser-induced Periodic Surface Structures 
Organized by Jurgen Reif and Bert Huis In't Veld
SC3&4: Fano Resonances in Microwaves and Optics: Physics and Application 
Organized by Eugene O. Kamenetskii
SC3&4: Microwave Photonics 
Organized by Shilong Pan
SC3: High Energy and High Power Applications in Photonic Crystal/Microstructured Fibres 
Organized by Sonali Dasgupta and Nicolas Y. Joly
SC3: Integrated Nanophotonics for Optical Interconnects in Data Centers 
Organized by Lars Thylen and Lech Wosinski
SC3: Lightwaves and Resonances in Confined Structures 
Organized by Andrew Wing On Poon and Ali Serpenguzel
SC3: Nonlinear Optics: Structured Materials, Functional Devices and Applications 2
Organized by Chia Chen Hsu and Shiming Gao
SC3: On-chip Optical Sensing Technologies and Devices 
Organized by Daoxin Dai and Dan-Xia Xu
SC3: Optical Fiber Communications
Organized by Chien-Hung Yeh
SC3: Silicon Photonics 
Organized by Liu Liu and Andrew Wing On Poon
SC4: Active Antennas, MIMO and Beamforming Systems 
Organized by Akram Alomainy and Julien Perruisseau-Carrier
SC4: Advanced Magnetic Materials for Microwave Applications 
Organized by Chong Kim Ong and Yungui Ma
SC4: Antenna and RF Measurements 
Organized by Thomas Bolin and Hiroyuki Arai
SC4: Antenna-channel Interactions and Multipath Wireless Channels 
Organized by Andres Alayon Glazunov
SC4: Body-centric Wireless Communications 
Organized by Maxim Zhadobov and Alice Pellegrini
SC4: Circuit Modelling in Microwave Devices 
Organized by Reuven Shavit
SC4: Giant Magneto-impedance and EM Safety 
Organized by Arkady P. Zhukov
SC4: Innovative Materials/Metamaterials for Wireless Circuits and Miniaturized Antennas
Organized by Khalid Z. Rajab and Raj Mittra
SC4: Millimeter-Wave and THz Components, Antennas and Arrays 
Organized by Peter G. Huggard and Kamal Kumar Samanta
SC4: MIMO Antennas
Organized by Cyril Luxey and Shuai Zhang
SC4: Multiband and Wideband Antenna and Array Techniques 
Organized by Oscar Quevedo-Teruel and Eloy De Lera Acedo
SC4: Novel Frequency Selective Structures
Organized by Zhongxiang Shen
SC4: Paper-based Microwave Circuits and Antennas 
Organized by Leena Ukkonen and Maurizio Bozzi
SC4: Small and Miniaturized Antenna Techniques 
Organized by William Whittow and Raj Mittra
SC4: THz Technologies and Applications
Organized by Xiaodong Chen and Jan Stake
SC4: Ultra-wideband Antennas for Radio Astronomy 
Organized by Jian Yang and Marianna V. Ivashina
SC4: Wireless Energy Transmission and Harvesting 1 
Organized by Ki Young Kim and Alessandra Costanzo
SC4: Wireless Energy Transmission and Harvesting 2
Organized by Ki Young Kim and Alessandra Costanzo
SC5: Advances in EM Imaging and Detection of Concealed Objects or People through Walls 
Organized by Patrick Millot
SC5: Emerging Techniques and Applications in SAR/ISAR Imaging 
Organized by Caner Ozdemir
SC5: High Resolution Imaging with Penetrating Radar Scanners for Detection of Small or Low Contrast Objects 
Organized by Lorenzo Capineri and Timothy D. Bechtel
SC5: Inverse Scattering Problems: Theory and Applications 
Organized by Takashi Takenaka and Andrea Massa
SC5: Inverse Source Problems for Localization and Diagnostics 
Organized by Mats Gustafsson and Sven Nordebo

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