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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2012 in Moscow, Russia, 19-23 August, 2012

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PIERS2012 Special Sessions
Active Metamaterials
Organized by Andrey N. Lagarkov and Andrey K. Sarychev
Advanced Mathematical and Computational Methods in Electromagnetic Theory and Their Applications 
Organized by Mariana Nikolova Georgieva-Grosse and Georgi Nikolov Georgiev
Advanced Photonics-based Devices and Equipment 
Organized by Mikhail E. Belkin and Gefeson Mendes Pacheco
Advancements in Phase-space Representations 
Organized by Jorge Ojeda-Castañeda
Antenna Technologies for Broadband and High-speed Wireless Systems 
Organized by Takeshi Fukusako
Antenna Theory and Radiation
Organized by Feng Gao
Antennas, Shielding and EMC Measurement 
Organized by Rafal Przesmycki and Leszek Nowosielski
Applications of EM Field in Medicine
Organized by Jan Vrba
Asymptotic and Hybrid Methods in Electromagnetics 
Organized by Frederic Molinet
Atomic, Molecular, Optical, and Photonic Quantum Electrodynamics 
Organized by Taner Sengor
Biological Effects of EMF in Norm and Pathology 
Organized by
Biomedical Electromagnetic Instruments, EM Condensed Materials and Imaging 
Organized by Ganquan Xie
Computational Electromagnetics 
Organized by Alexander B. Samokhin
Computational Techniques 
Organized by Tsuneki Yamasaki and Yoichi Okuno
Design and Implementation for Circularly Polarized Antenna 
Organized by Kuo-Wei Liu
Earth Electromagnetic Environment and Radiowave Propagation & Scattering: Modelling, Observation and Measurements 
Organized by Rachid Talhi
Eigenfunction Expansion Based Analysis of Electromagnetic Structures 
Organized by Alexander V. Kudrin and George A. Kyriacou
Electromagnetic Modeling, Inversion and Applications 
Organized by Ganquan Xie and Jianhua Li
Electromagnetic Probing of Atmosphere and Ionosphere 
Organized by Vyacheslav Evgenievich Kunitsyn
Electromagnetic Spectrum in e-Health Applications
Organized by Victoria Ramos
Electromagnetic Theory and Design on the Optical Dispersive Materials, Invisible Cloak and Photonic Crystals 
Organized by Ganquan Xie, Tzong-Jer Yang, and Chien-Jang Wu
Electromagnetics for Cultural Heritage 
Organized by
Energy Efficient and Reconfigurable Transceivers (EERT) 
Organized by Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini and Jonathan Rodriguez
Extended/Unconventional Electromagnetic Theory, EHD(Electro-hydrodynamics)/EMHD(Electro-magneto-hydrodynamics), and Electro-biology 1 
Organized by Eva Gescheidtova
Extended/Unconventional Electromagnetic Theory, EHD(Electro-hydrodynamics)/EMHD(Electro-magneto-hydrodynamics), and Electro-biology 2 
Organized by Eva Gescheidtova
Fiber Lasers and Fiber Micro/Nano-Photonic Components 
Organized by Nan-Kuang Chen and Mikhail E. Likhachev
Fractional Order Electromagnetism
Organized by Ahmad Rami El-Nabulsi
Hardware Accelerated Numerical Electromagnetics 
Organized by
Influence of Electromagnetic Environment to Heath and the Ways of Correction
Organized by Konstantin G. Korotkov
Inverse Problems 
Organized by Valery Serov and Yury G. Smirnov
Light-matter Interaction in Nanoscale and Confined Systems 
Organized by Dambarudhar Mohanta
Magnetism, Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials, Structures and Devices 
Organized by Alexander S. Sigov and Galina S. Makeeva
Medical Applications of Microwaves and Light waves
Organized by Zachariah Callottu Alex
Medical Electromagnetics, Biological Effects, MRI 
Organized by Jian Tong and Guozheng Guo
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Devices 2 
Organized by
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Measurements 
Organized by Kang-Chun Peng
Microwave and mmW-Propagation over the Sea Surface 
Organized by
Microwave Photonics Techniques, Technology & Applications 
Organized by Stavros Iezekiel and Nikolaos K. Uzunoglu
Microwave Processing of Materials – Recent Advances in Modeling and Experimentation 
Organized by Vadim V. Yakovlev
Mobile Antennas, Printed Antennas, and Array Antennas
Organized by
Modelling of Electromagnetic Structures: Application to Electrical Machines 
Organized by Lilia El Amraoui-Ouni
Modern Aspects of Wave Multiple Scattering in Dense Random and Ordered Media 
Organized by Yuru Nicolaevich Barabanenkov
Modern Electromagnetic Solvers for Large-scale Problems 
Organized by Yury V. Shestopalov and O. Mikheyev
Multiferroic Materials: from Fundamentals to Applications 
Organized by Alexander S. Sigov
Nano Scale Electromagnetics, MEMS 2 
Organized by Xiufeng Han
Nano technology smart antenna for 4G mobile communications 
Organized by Muhammad Alazab
Near to Mid-range Wireless Power Transfer Technology: Principles and Applications 1 
Organized by Ki Young Kim
Nonlinear Electromagnetic Problems 
Organized by Yury G. Smirnov and Evgeny M. Karchevskiy
Nonlinear Guided Wave Phenomena and Optical Solitons 
Organized by Vladimir N. Serkin
Novel Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetics 1 
Organized by Kazuya Kobayashi and Yury V. Shestopalov
Optial Linear and Non-linear Near-field and Confocal Microscopy 
Organized by Elena D. Mishina and Alexander A. Ezhov
Optics and Nanoplasmonics, Nano Scale Electromagnetics
Organized by
Optics of the Nonideal Photonic Crystals
Organized by Vladimir V. Rumyantsev
Patch Antenna and Array
Organized by Dau-Chyrh Chang
Plasmonics and Magnonics for Near-field Optical and Microwave Sensing 
Organized by Eugene O. Kamenetskii and Reuven Shavit
Present and Future of TeraHertz Science & Technology including Application in Remote Sensing, Imaging, and Communications 
Organized by Rachid Talhi
Progress in Metamaterials Research 
Organized by Sergei A. Tretyakov
Radar Antennas, Scattering, Imaging and Signal Processing
Organized by
Ray Simulation and Wave Catastrophe Methods in Diffraction and Propagation
Organized by
Recent Advances in Solution of Electromagnetic Canonical Problems 
Organized by Mikhail A. Lyalinov and Andrey V. Osipov
Remote Sensing of Earth Critical Parameters 
Organized by Jian-Cheng Shi
Remote Sensing, Imaging and Detection
Organized by
RF Photonics - Microwave Generation and Transmission by Optical Fibers 
Organized by
RF Production from Impact Generated Plasmas 
Organized by
Signal Integrity and Power Integrity 
Organized by
Small Size Antenna
Organized by Dau-Chyrh Chang
Smart Functional Materials for Non-destructive Control and Stress Monitoring 
Organized by Arkady P. Zhukov and Larissa V. Panina
The Electrodynamics of Inhomogeneous Media and Gradient Metamaterials 1 
Organized by Nikolay Sergeevich Erokhin and Alexander Borisovich Shvartsburg
The Modern Hybrid Methods in the Problems of Computational Electromagnetics 
Organized by Victor Filippovich Kravchenko
The Theoretical Rationale of the Existence of Electric and Magnetic Fields Spreading Instantaneously
Organized by Andrew Chubykalo
Theory and Methods of Digital Signal and Image Processing 1 
Organized by Victor Filippovich Kravchenko
Transport and Localization in Periodic and Disordered Media
Organized by Valentin D. Freilikher and Nykolay M. Makarov
Various Models for Electrodynamics and Applications to Moving Media 
Organized by Dan Censor and Burak Polat
Wireless Network and Applications 
Organized by Soon Yim Tan and Chee Kiat Seow

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