PIERS 2016 in Shanghai
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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2016 in Shanghai, China, 8 August - 11 September, 2016

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PIERS2016 Shanghai Focus/Special Sessions  
SC2: Thermal and Acoustic Metamaterials
Organized by Prof. Baile Zhang (Nanyang Technological University) and Prof. Nicholas X. Fang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Session's Information:
The concept of metamaterials is not limited to negative refraction and cloaking of electromagnetic waves, but is equally important and exciting in acoustic, thermal, and phononic manipulation. The goal of this session is to gather together world experts to share their latest research interests and to exchange ideas in controlling phononic propagation and thermal transfer with novel concepts and technologies beyond conventional capabilities of current materials and devices.
Organizer's Information:

  • Prof. Baile Zhang
    Nanyang Technological University

  • Prof. Nicholas X. Fang
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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