PhotonIcs and Electromagnetics Research Symposium, also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium


List of Best Student Paper Award - PIERS 2017 Singapore

SC1: Electromagnetic Theory, CEM, EMC, Quantum Physics, Multiphysics, and Scattering

  • 1st, Fei Fan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Paper Title: Simulation of Three-phase Motor Drive System with Bearing Discharge Process
  • 2nd, Xiaoyao Feng, Beihang University, China
    Paper Title: A Study on the Mechanism of Hazards of High Intensity Radiated Field to Fuel Based on Multi-physics Field
  • 3rd, Nan Chen, Nanjing Normal University, China
    Paper Title: Study on Response Characteristics of Multi-conductor Transmission Lines in Noisy Environment

SC2: Metamaterials, Plasmonics and Complex Media

  • 1st Prateeksha Sharma, Indian Institute of InformationTechnology, Design & Manufacturing, India
    Paper Title: Surface Plasmon Bragg Grating Using Hybrid Metal Insulator Metal Plasmonic Waveguide
  • 2nd, D. Tan, University of Glasgow, Singapore
    Paper Title: Design and Analysis of Checkerboard Surface for RCS Reduction in X-band
  • 3rd, Dilip Kumar Choudhary, (Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) Dhanbad), India
    Paper Title: A Compact SIW Based Filtering Power Divider with Improved Selectivity Using CSRR

SC3: Optics and Photonics

  • 1st, Kaiyi Wu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR, China
    Paper Title: Heterogeneously Integrated III-V-on-silicon Microspiral Disk Lasers for Optical Interconnects
  • 2nd, Claire Li, Institut Langevin, France
    Paper Title: Far-field to Near-field Investigation of Thermal Radiation Emitted by a Single Optical Nanoantenna
  • 3rd, Yuyun Liu, Fudan University, China
    Paper Title: Directed Pinning of Moving Water Drops on Photoresponsive Liquid Crystal Mat

SC4: Antennas and Microwave Technologies

  • 1st, Md. Arif Hussain Ansari, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Paper Title: High Peak Power UWB-RFID Transmitter Tag for Long Range Applications
  • 2nd, Xiaoyu Bai, Northeastern University, China
    Paper Title: An Alternating Iterative Hybrid Beamforming Method for Millimeter Wave Large-scale Antenna Arrays
  • 3rd, S. Savah, Antonine University, Lebanon
    Paper Title: Design and Analysis of Conformal Antennas for Smart Watch

SC5: Remote Sensing, Inverse Problems, Imaging, Radar& Sensing

  • 1st Ke Zhang, Tsinghua University, China
    Paper Title: Electrical Impedance Tomography with Multiplicative Regularization
  • 2nd, Zhi Hua Ren, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
    Paper Title: A Low-field Portable Magnetic Resonance Imaging System for Head Imaging
  • 3rd, Stanislav Slovak, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
    Paper Title: Ultra-Wideband Wireless Sensors for Robot Vision in Industrial Environments