Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium
PIERS2007 in Beijing, CHINA, 26-30 March, 2007
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Arrival Guide to PIERS2007 Site: Central Garden Hotel 中苑宾馆?   Beijing Map
ADD18 Xie Street Gaoliangqiao, Xizhimenwai Ave, Haidian District, Beijing

TEL: 86 10 51568888      FAX: 86 10 51566789
Beijing Detail Map
      (PDF download)
Airport Bus Route
From Beijing Capital International Airport -> Central Garden Hotel
    北京首都国际机场 -> 中苑宾馆
  Subway Route

1. Take Taxi (about 40 minutes, RMB90) -> Central Garden Hotel
   乘坐出租车(约40分钟, 90元) -> 中苑宾馆

2. Take Airport Bus No. 4 (about 40 minutes, RMB16, 7:00--23:00) -> 7th stop: Friendship Hotel->>
    -> Take Taxi (about 10 minutes, RMB15, 3.5km) -> Central Garden Hotel
    机场巴士4号线(约40分钟, 16元, 7:00--23:00) -> 友谊宾馆站 ->>
    -> 乘坐出租车(约10分钟, 15元, 3.5km)-> 中苑宾馆


From Beijing Railway Station -> Central Garden Hotel
   北京火车站 -> 中苑宾馆


1. Take Taxi (20 minutes, RMB30, 13km) -> Central Garden Hotel
    乘坐出租车(约20分钟, 30元, 13km) -> 中苑宾馆

2. Take Subway No.2 (about 19 minutes, RMB3) -> Xizhimen Station ->>
    -> Take taxi (about 5 minutes, RMB10, 1.6km) -> Central Garden Hotel
    地铁2号线(约19分钟, 3元) -> 西直门站 ->>
    ->乘坐出租车(约5分钟, 10元, 1.6km) -> 中苑宾馆

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