PIERS 2017 in St Petersburg
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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2017 in St Petersburg, Russia, 22-25 May, 2017

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PIERS2017 St Petersburg Focus/Special Sessions  
3_FocusSession.SC3: Advanced Photonic Technologies for Spectroscopic Applications 1
Organized by Prof. Wei Dong Chen (Universite du Littoral Cote d'Opale) and Prof. Vincenzo Spagnolo (Technical University of Bari)
Session's Information:
The recent advance in photonic sources and detectors has opened up new opportunities for spectroscopic sensing applications. This Focus session addresses the latest exciting developments and advances in a broad range of photonic instrumentation, optoelectronic integrated or miniaturized devices and modern spectroscopic techniques (from the VUV to THz spectra range). It will focus on all aspects of the research, technology developments and applications related to these research fields. Original research work that focus on design and experimental verification of new optical sensors and their field-testing, as well as development of photonic sources (lasers, frequency combs and light emitting diodes, THz sources) and detectors are welcome.
Organizer's Information:

  • Prof. Wei Dong Chen
    Universite du Littoral Cote d'Opale

  • Prof. Vincenzo Spagnolo
    Technical University of Bari

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