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Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 

PIERS 2011 in Marrakesh, Morocco, 20-23 March, 2011

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Welcome Message from PIERS2011 General Chair

    Date: 2011-02-24

    Dear Session Organizers and Colleagues,

    We have received some emails from participants asking about the situation in Morocco after the recent developments in the region. I am now in Morocco for the last preparations of PIERS. After the demonstration of 20 February, the situation is again normal. According to the informations I got from several sources, there will be no other demonstration in the near future (some speak about April 17). As you may know, the political and economical situation in Morocco is quite different from the other countries in north Africa and the middle east, even if people asks for political changes and better live conditions, no one asks for radical political changes as changing the regime like in some neighboring countries . Morocco's King Mohamed VI is well appreciated by its people and he has no serious opposition. He made a speech on 21 Feb where he promised several changes, and it seems this was well received by the citizens.

    As a conclusion, you can inform the participants to your session that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, the situation in Morocco is normal, no trikes, no demonstrations, nothing unusual at all. You can forward this email to them. Of course, if there are any changes we will contact you.


    Date: 2011-03-07

    There have been some demonstrations in Morocco today and according to some websites of activists two others are programmed for March 20 (not officially confirmed) and a big one in April 17. These demonstrations are generally peaceful and framed by security agents. There are no strikes, transportation and all other public services are not affected.

    I look forward to welcoming you all in Marrakesh!


    Date: 2011-03-09

    Morocco king announces constitutional reform plan (Reuters)

    Morocco's King Mohamed announced a planned constitutional reform on Wednesday (9 March) and appointed a committee to work with political parties, trade unions and civil society groups to draw up proposals by June.

    The king, speaking in a televised address, said the reform would include plans for an independent judiciary, a stronger role for parliament and political parties and a regionalisation programme to devolve more powers to local officials.

    The draft constitution that the committee proposes will be submitted to a referendum, the 47-year-old monarch added.
    View article ...

    Best regards,

    Said Zouhdi,

    PIERS 2011 General Chair

                                                                          Contact PIERS OFFICE: tpc@piers.org