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PhotonIcs & Electromagnetics Research Symposium
also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

List of Young Scientist Award - PIERS 2019 Xiamen

The PIERS 2019 Xiamen Young Scientist Program Committee are pleased to announce that the following 14 young scientists have been selected as the recipients of the PIERS 2019 Xiamen Young Scientist Award (YSA).

SC1: CEM, EMC, Scattering & EM Theory

  • Dmitry V. Valovik, Penza State University, Russia
    Paper Title: Nonlinear Transverse Magnetic Wave Propagation in a Layer Revisited
  • Ming-Lin Yang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
    Paper Title: Solving Electromagnetic Scattering Problems with Over 10 Billion Unknowns with the Parallel MLFMA
  • Zi He, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
    Paper Title: EM Pulse Propagation Modeling of Tunnels with Three-dimensional TDPE Method
  • Takashi Nagasaka, Chuo University, Japan
    Paper Title: Wiener-Hopf Analysis of the Diffraction by a Strip with Fractional Boundary Conditions

SC2: Metamaterials, Plasmonics and Complex Media

  • Pai-Yen Chen, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
    Paper Title: Realization of Low-loss Epsilon-near-zero Properties Using PT-symmetric Metasurfaces
  • Yun Jing, North Carolina State University, USA
    Paper Title: Extremely Asymmetrical Acoustic Metasurface Mirror at the Exceptional Point
  • Cheng Zhang, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
    Paper Title: High-performance Deep-ultraviolet Metasurfaces

SC3: Optics and Photonics

  • Chengbo Mou, Shanghai University, China
    Paper Title: GHz Harmonic Mode Locked Erbium Doped Fiber Lasers with High Signal to Noise Ratio Using Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composite Film
  • Guanghui Ren, RMIT University, Australia
    Paper Title: A Novel 2D Plasmonic MoO3 Driven pH Sensor on Silicon Photonics Platform
  • Binhao Wang, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, USA
    Paper Title: Low-voltage Si-Ge Avalanche Photodiodes for Datacom

SC4: Antennas and Microwave Technologies

  • Yue Li, Tsinghua University, China
    Paper Title: Omnidirectional Dual-polarized Antenna for Space-limited Systems
  • Bo Li, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
    Paper Title: 3-D Frequency Selective Surfaces Based on Slotlines: Modeling, Synthesis, and Validation
  • He-Xiu Xu, Air Force Engineering University, China
    Paper Title: Frequency-and-spin Multiplexed Multifunctional Metadevices

SC5: Remote Sensing, Inverse Problems, Imaging, Radar& Sensing

  • Maokun Li, Tsinghua University, China
    Paper Title: Supervised Descent Method for Electrical Impedance Tomography

Each awardee will receive a certificate, a free ticket for the Symposium Banquet, and a cash award of USD 100.

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